"When my son was sick with croup, I felt so helpless. I just wanted to know that there was something out there that would make him feel better, and that he would be okay in the future. By signing up I can share my experiences to help other children and their parents."


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Our Goal: This study aims to improve the future of children's health care. We want to understand what is most important to parents when their child is sick, and in doing so, we

can improve the future of children's health care.

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"In providing health care for children, we have a lot of the answers, but we want to make sure that we know what matters most to parents and their kids. Our goal is to ensure we have the right information so that when children do get sick, we can put parents' minds at ease that their child is getting the best care possible."


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The Topic:Common illnesses that affect

a child's breathing, including acute asthma, acute sinusitis, bronchiolitis, croup, influenza, pharyngitis, and pneumonia.


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